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Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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I found Frontier Vapor via reddit, because they where having a giveaway. I decided to check out there site and was blown away on how nice it was. What sparked my eyes was the fact that they accepted bitcoin and dogecoin. Being a huge dogecoin fanatic, and having over 100k, I got ecstatic and forgot all about the giveaway and ordered myself 2 12ml e-juices. One single flavor (peach) and one from the 'create your own e-juice lab'. I was amazed on how many combinations you could put together, and how Frontier Vapor allowed the customer to create there own special e-juice. That day, a few hours after I had ordered, I already got a shipping conformation and got my tracking ID. I was presently surprised on how fast they where able to get my order together and ship it out the same day I ordered. Today, 3/10/2014 I received my e-juice with a little extra 6ml chocolate e-juice, and gotta say they are amazing! The taste is great, and the vapor is smooth. Highly recommended to anyone who whats premium e-juice or whats to experiment with there 'create your own e-juice lab'. Will be definitely coming back! Oh, did I forget to tell you that Alex is an awesome guy? Extremely nice, and very professional! Have a gold star man! Lol

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