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PG/VG, Nic 40/60, 6mg
Aged for 1 day
Value 3.5 /5
Flavor Accuracy 4.5 /5
Cloud Production 4 /5
Throat Hit 4 /5

This is part of the Prime line by G2 Vapor. At first, the banana is upfront and somewhat reminiscent of "Runts" candy. It quickly smooths out and more a natural banana flavor emerges. The cream is there, as well as a hint of rum. It has a pretty harsh throat hit for 6 mg, but it is not unpleasant if you're ready for it. The flavors are blended well, and it's a deep, rich vape. The VG/PG is unlisted on the bottle or the vendor's website, so I put 40/60 in the box just to submit the review. They only describe the line as "predominately VG".

danieldiazbrauch danieldiazbrauch
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