WARNING: This product contains nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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A++++ Spectacular Customer Service, answers questions and gives advice FAST

Awesome Juice, Awesome Shipping (Ordered shipped FREE Friday from Sask, received it Tuesday in Vancouver), Great Pricing and he accepts BitCoins!!!

Why Waste your time with the rest, when you can have the BEST!

I ordered a Z-max kit and two bottles of juice, Marijuana Milkshake & Zombie Guts.

Zombie guts tastes GREAT like sour blue raspberry, reminds me of eating Screaming Saucers as a kid only not as sour, but still EXTREMELY WICKED!!! (10/10 TOO addictive!!!)

MJ milkshake is very smoooooth and tastes like Watermelon and Chocolate (8.5/10)

I also got Red Oakana as part of the kit. It smells like Banana medicine or those yellow Marshmallow Banana candies. (haven't vaped yet but smells like an 8/10)

He also tossed in Zomby Woof, which smells the best of the group can you go wrong with Chocolate Banana?? (Tastes like unicorn farts! 10/10)

and lastly Sleeve of the Wizard, it smells like Absinthe and something citrusy like Cherry, Blueberry or Raspberry, but whatever those fruits are exactly shall remain a mystery. ( Tastes like Licorice cotton candy 9/10)

Bottom line- Try Zomby Woof and Zombie Guts and you will soon find yourself in Flavour Country!

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