WARNING: This product contains nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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PG/VG, Nic 50/50, 6mg
Value 5 /5
Flavor Accuracy 5 /5
Cloud Production 4.5 /5
Throat Hit 3.5 /5

This juice has ended my search for an ADV. Goes perfectly with my morning coffee, satisfies the after meal cravings, and is fantastic throughout the day into the night. I get a sweet tobacco and graham cracker base flavor with random hints of toasted coconut, a warm spice (almost cinnamon but not quite), possibly some chocolate or vanilla as well. Extremely complex, I taste different things each time. It also tastes a bit differently depending on your inhale (mouth to lung or straight lung hits) and your exhale (mouth or nose). Very pleasant aroma, almost smore's like with a slight sweetness that never gets overpowering. I've tried several juices that are compared to a certain bounty hunter, and this one tops them all. Easily a 10/10.

earlyfuneral earlyfuneral
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