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Products are good and cheap but they need to step up their customer service and add UPS OR FEDEX shipping options if they want to stay up on their customers.

Not very helpful customer service, very long and inconsistent shipping times. I waited almost 2 weeks for my order. I emailed them at day 5 asking what's is going on and all they replied was "that they ship out 3-4 days"... Lol.

ive dealt with many other companies that use USPS as well and are out in California, I've never had a product take 2 weeks.

I understand they are a fairly new & small company but usually the smaller they are the better customer service & shipping service they should be off the bat. They've left a salty taste in many Vapers online bc of lack of service and inconsistency its about 50/50 agreeable.

I changed my rating to a 5 bc they do make affordable great juice.

em1n3nt em1n3nt
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