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I've bought my ego-t starter kit, and subsequently kanger pro-tank 2 mini, along with a lot of juices. I have had a very good experience with them, they shipped fairly quickly, and, compared to other places I've been, very reasonably priced. $15 for the pro-tank 2 mini, $5 for a 5 pack of coils, $10 for 30 ml of juice. They are pretty much my one stop shop for juices and parts.

My favorite from them are mainly Dragon Fruit, Serendipity, and Blackberry Lemonade. Reasonably priced, nicely clear (i.e. doesn't gum up my coils as bad as others I have tried).

My only minor complaint about them is that their selection is not as comprehensive as I would have liked. They stopped stocking the "dumb" ego batteries, only the adjustable voltage ones are available. They also did not stock the pro-tank pyrex glass, which I had to go to another supplier for.

Because of their prices, service, and (still very good) selection, I recommend them to my friends who are looking into getting an e-cig.

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