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Still waiting for an order placed on 8/24. Placed another order on 8/25 and received that one (took 4 weeks but at least I received it) and I have to admit that the juice was good.

The reason for the low rating is the communication with the owner of this site. After multiple attempts to contact him I finally received a response that he would look into the order the next day, a week goes by and no response. I have once again attempted to contact the owner and have heard nothing back.

I will not be doing business with this vender ever again. I was very patient and tried to give the owner the benefit of the doubt but it is now going on 5 weeks and can not get any response from the owner.

I see that there are a lot of people who are getting orders of the same product I ordered filled and shipped, it appears that this company must be playing favorites and not taking care of orders in the order they were placed. I would highly recommend getting your juice else where or you will be playing the odds of never receiving your order.

Update 10-3-2014
Still have not received my order from 8/24 requested that the vendor refund the order and what does he do other than charge my card again (Without my consent) and then refund the new charge. What kind of Monkey show is going on here?

I have been left no choice but to contact my credit card company to issue a charge back.

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