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So I recently made the switch to e-cigs and, after finishing the juice I had bought from my local vendor, I decided to make a purchase from Frontier Vapor. My experience was surreal. I'm a relatively-poor college graduate so I try to make every penny count and seeing that Frontier Vapor offered a code to save money on your first purchase I just had to give it a shot. The website was easy to use and the only hard thing to do was picking a flavor. After my order had been placed I noticed that I had forgotten to input the code! It was a bummer but totally my fault. I quickly emailed Frontier Vapor to ask if my purchase could be cancelled so I could resubmit it with the code and waited...for about three minutes.
The reply was lightning fast and, while I was told my purchase could not be cancelled, they offered to send me the amount that I would have saved! Seriously, who does that?
Their customer service is amazing and constantly asks if you are happy with the product you've bought and offer help if, for any reason, you are displeased. It was an amazing experience and I will definitely be purchasing from them again.

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