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"Unflavored" doesn't mean "tasteless." It only means that no flavor is added to the light tobacco flavor this DIY WTA has naturally.

Adding VG so it brings it down for me to about 6 mg strength, I like the taste of it. Quite light, like the Marlboro Lights I used to smoke... and the mix is low on PG which is fine as I don't really need PG. As I end up with a mix of about 1/3 TASTEMAKER PURE with my own 2/3 added VG, that also brings down the PG content to about only 10%: 1/3 of the 30% PG.

For those who like a smooth light tobacco flavor I highly recommend this liquid.

lodehere lodehere
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Many thanks Lodehere!! We always get a warm and fuzzy feeling when we hear things like this...so happy you enjoy our juice!!
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