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PG/VG, Nic 50/50, 6mg
Aged for 1 week

Right out of the bottle, no steep time to very little, this juice is a rich and multi-layered vape. In the noise the bouquet is of blueberry jam with a rich cedar wood aroma of the tobacco. In the mouth the blueberry comes more forward with a more floral perfume, of blueberry preserves, not fresh fruit. This is not really a problem, as it adds a richness or concentratedness to the sweetness of this fruit forward vape (that is the flavor is mostly of blueberries with a backbone of tobacco and wood). Mid to base notes: first of wood toastness, then tobacco that is very natural and balanced. The tobacco is very much present, it just comes in the end or is the base of the flavor profile. Tobacco tastes of high quality that has been toasted. This tastes and smells like a cedar chest in a tobacco shop humidor. This is a very balanced vape that is very forward and rich. You must like blueberries and tobacco. Very delicious, mouth watering even.

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