WARNING: This product contains nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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PG/VG 70/30
Value 4.5 /5
Flavor Accuracy 5 /5
Cloud Production 4 /5
Throat Hit 3.5 /5

This flavor is utterly amazing. I use vaping to fulfill my cravings that I cannot meet with my low-carb diet. This flavor somehow manages to have a burnt bread crust with a banana and nut flavor that was amazingly shocking. I don't know how they did, but I want more.

The flavor is a great dessert flavor, that I usually use with a cup of coffee. It is a strong, thick flavor though, and I don't think it'd be a great all day flavor.

Gremlin has a lot of great flavors, but this one is the most solid. I have had people try it, vapers and non, and within minutes, nearly all are interested in buying some of their own. Buy a big bottle. You'll need it.

oneireus oneireus
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