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I've been searching for a juice vendor that is the total package meaning excellent juice, great customer service, and a reasonable price. I think I have finally found that with Vapor Trails NW! On my first order with them I decided to test the waters and ordered two of their mystery bag's which are said to contain at least 70ml of ejuice of their choosing but you get to choose what flavor profiles you want along with the pg/vg ratio. I love that I am able to customize like that so I don't get stuck with any tobacco or menthol flavors which I am not a fan of. I received my juice 3 days after ordering and received from two mystery bags, four 30ml bottles, two 20ml bottles, and one 15ml bottle for a total of 175ml which is almost 40ml more than what I was expecting!

Out of all the juice I received there isn't a flavor that I did not enjoy, all of the flavors were amazingly complex and full of flavor right out of the box. These guys make ejuice on par with the premium big dogs but at a price that is much more reasonable and they hook it up fat. I have at last found my ejuice vendor, I can honestly say I have no need to go anywhere else for my ejuice. Can't say enough good things about them, check it out for yourselves I don't think you will be disappointed.

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