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Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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I've been vaping for seven months, but have only recently been introduced to premium vendors through the Electronic Cigarette subreddit. Up until a few weeks ago, I bought all of my juice from sites like MyVaporStore.

Nicoticket has been a name that I've seen countless times. Users would praise both the customer service and the quality of the product, two things that I value the most when it comes to making online purchases. Clark, the proprietor of the site, did not disappoint on the customer service side.

I placed my order on a whim in the dead of night on a Sunday. The following morning, I was surprised to see that I had a private message from Clark himself. The contents of the message were absolutely delightful.

Not only did Clark personally assure me that he would be taking my order down to the post office the next day -- which he did -- but also thanked me profusely for placing an order with him. Interactions like these are incredibly rare in today's world of "one-click shopping," so I make it a point to show my appreciation for those who go the extra mile for their customers. As someone who has only dealt with an ordering process that can only be described as "sterile" up until now, Clark has made me a believer.

I cannot recommend Nicoticket enough.

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