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I first tried deejStuff in 2011. By mid-2012, he was my sole supplier. (I strayed twice to try juices that were very highly recommended and regretted it. Lesson learned.)

Why deejStuff?
1) The flavors. The percentage of deejStuff flavors I’ve tried and liked/loved is very high. With most juice, I was happy if I liked half my order. With deejStuff it’s 90%+. I don’t waste my vaping budget on liquid I don’t like.

2) Customer service. Deej puts customer service first. I’ve ordered several custom blends. If you can’t decide how much flavor to add (there are 5 levels of flavor strength), Deej will discuss it with you. The service at deejStuff has always been spectacular. With the addition of Sybil, it’s even better.

3) Transparency. I know what’s in deejStuff without asking. I’m sensitive to sucralose. With most vendors, I had to ask which flavors contain it and, if they’d tell me, each time I ordered request them sucralose-free. Deej only has a few flavors that include it and that information is on the page (as is information about any other ingredients that some vapers avoid.)

4) The variety. If I hadn’t been a customer during deejStuff’s growth, I’d look at the website, see 500+ flavors, and think “assembly line junk — can’t be any good.” And I’d be wrong. In the beginning, Deej added flavors at a much slower rate but he clearly has a great palate and has gained detailed knowledge of the flavorings he uses. He knows how they will interact. (Plus custom blends like my Minty Gingerbread and AngelBreath’s Honeysuckle line frequently make it onto the menu.)

I love the new leak-proof packaging as well. In addition to being shrink-wrapped, each bottle (up to 30ml, I believe), comes in it’s own clear plastic tube. I’ve tried popping one open by pressing on the sides as hard as I can, but I think you’d need to jump on it or run a truck over it to do that. And, once you’ve removed the juice, they’re large enough to hold Q-tips, half a dozen drip tips or even most tanks.

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