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I only got one juice from GruntJuice; Agent Orange. What appealed to me before the taste was the price. With their holiday 40% deal I got a 120ml bottle shipped to my house for a total of 30 bucks. Almost unbeatable.

Moving onto the juice, I received it today and got it out of my mailbox so it was pretty cold. I don't know if that's affecting it at all. This juice smells just like fresh orange juice, which is something I love. It's described on their website as orange with a hint of mint. That doesn't do it justice in my opinion. I'm using a .12 zipper coil wrapped 3 times at 80 watts, and my first inhale went down smooth and minty, and came out tasting like orange tic tacs.

This taste brings me back to my childhood. Orange tic tacs were my favorite flavor as a kid and I haven't had them for a long time. This flavor is really nostalgic. I can definitely see it as an ADV and I promise you I'll be ordering different flavors from GJ after witnessing firsthand the quality of their juice. Thanks for a great price and a great juice, GruntJuice!

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