WARNING: This product contains nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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PG/VG 50/50
Value 5 /5
Flavor Accuracy 4 /5
Cloud Production 5 /5

This is my favorite dragonfruit vape of all time, specifically because, when vaped on a Triton battery with a Smok Tumbler tank using a 2.4 ohm coil, it has this sweet mellow flavor of durian fruit. It's very unique in that way. I haven't tried sub-ohming it to see if it still has that flavor at a higher power because I enjoy it so much with the 50/50 mix in the vaping pens, although I have gone back to buy it in the 30/70 mix as well to see what else this juice will reveal. But I absolutely love this taste of durian - I haven't seen any durian e-juices out there and this is one of my favorite ADVs.

I find that all of JVapes' e-liquids have a very good throat hit. I usually vape this at 3 or 6mg. 3mg doesn't have much but 6mg still has a definite throat hit.

I bought my original in a sample pack and used it right from the mailbox, no steeping, like I do with all of JVapes' line. All their samples come in 50/50 only.

Reviewed using: Triton 900 mah battery, Smok Tumbler 3.5 ml tank with 2.4 ohm coil

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