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I was looking for a multi-note custard. Not just a vanilla custard, but a custard with different notes, like caramel, etc.. I searched online for months. I ordered a couple different custard vapes which were just awful, u till I came by V8p juice company. I saw several reviews which were though the roof. Everyone seemed to love it, so I called. The man who answered was awesome, so friendly, spoke to me, answered all of my questions. He was terrific! I ordered the Blonde Bombshell. I got it in 2 days!!! Now that's fast delivery!!! Since trying the Blinde Bombshell and being now obsessed with it, I realized I vapes half the bottle pretty quickly. I ordered more, but also ordered Mob Boss which looks amazing, and I have tried Kings Ransom, which was awesome too!! I see this company going far! Vapes have no chemicals, all organic, so that is a big plus. I will now forever be a lifetime customer of V8P juice and will be spreading the word. You HAVE to try, you will not be disappointed!! Also they are super friendly! I am so thrilled to finally have found a great triple custard, with Bavarian cream, caramel and sweet milk. Yeah, that's the flavor profile. How can you go wrong with that? I give them a 15 out of 10!!!!!! And I'm really picky with a very specific pallet! Thank you V8P for everything!!!!!

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