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First impressions are everything, and this vendor has a great website (this extends to the mobile site as well). The sheer number of flavors available is overwhelming at first, but there is a little of everything, and the very generous pricing on Vapejoose's sample packs makes it easy to try everything you're interested in without breaking the bank. It is possible to add a flavor shot to each juice on your order, and I was very pleased to find that this includes menthol.

Shipping time for the number of juices I ordered was really remarkable. My order only had the three days to steep before arriving at my mailbox, but they [almost] all tasted great right out of the box (the darker juices required a little more steeping time to fully develop their flavor). I have never been more impressed with so many juices from the same vendor. Each one I have tried thus far is very flavorful and produces a good amount of vapor.

A free bottle was included with my 20-bottle sample pack, and packaging indicated that 10 orders from the same email address makes one eligible for a free 120 mL bottle of juice.

I highly recommend Vapejoose, and I advise everyone reading this review to grab a sample pack.

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