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Nic 3mg
Flavor Accuracy 3 /5
Cloud Production 4 /5
Throat Hit 1 /5

Got this juice along with some others from BX vapor, and out of all of them, this was probably one of my favorites.

Straight out of the mail, this juice gets a solid 2/5. It tastes like a strange blend of juices, and hard to make it an exact flavor. When each of my freinds tried it, they got a worried look. Like "Wtf does this taste like...". One freind said it tasted like those Danimals kids drinks. Despite this, none of the people who have tried it said it tasted bad. But not amazing either.

I let it sit around in a drawer for a while, trying it every now and then. It started to get better. The creaminess came out, and the different fruits became more pronounced.

All in all, if you get this juice, please steep for atleast a couple weeks. The longer the better.

Reviewed using: Fuchai 200W - Dual Claptons , 85W.

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