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Do you remember that happiness you felt when that time of year came around, when little girls guilted you into buying those darned cookies. As you perched your lips upon that cold, crisp, chocolatey cookie from it being in the freezer all night. This is the same feeling that came across me as I fired up Macer Menta for the first time. These guys went well beyond what you call a good quality vape, this is a work of art. Not only that but the customer service and quality service that they deliver on cannot be beat. Bear with me on this as this is my first review ever, with hopefully many to come. My first impression on this is a perfect dark chocolate with with a cookie undertone and a awesome mint peppermint settled in between. Regardless, this flavor stayed consistent with dark chocolate and peppermint sandwiched with the cookie always subtly in there. Now I have tried many, many different vendors and varietys of mint chocolate and most either went wrong with the type of mint or too strong of mint as well as too little on the chocolate. This is not the case with cloud alchemist, they've got this down pat. If your out there searching for the perfect mint chocolate like I was, is defiantly recommend you try this. On another note, I've payed much more than the 15$ a 30ml for hyped up juice and none stand a chance in my opinion.

Thanks cloud alchemist for the awesome juice and your wonderful service.

Thanks Trent

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