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So it all started 1.5 or 2 years ago after having had very limited success with other manufacturers wta. The first bottle i got from wholecig was perfect, as good as my current bottle from om vapors, but after that everything i bought from every place was uck. So i decided to try om vapors. The first bottle worked, was almost tasteless, and had no harsh burn. So i thought i'd try stocking up by using a 50% off coupon and free shipping. I guess i paid 160 usd for 8 bottles, but every one i tried had a very harsh burn. I gave up. And unfortunately was never refunded but its water under the bridge. Then almost a year later i tried again, and with om vapors again. I bought 120ml 36mg wta in pg. It had no harsh burn but it was ass gross, so i told them, after a couple weeks they had tested it an decided i might be right that that specific bottle was defective, so they ship me two new bottles, one in pg and one in vg and i only had to pay shipping on one of them. I've only got the first one (in vg), but i'm sure the second one will be just as amazing. I'm rating them 5 stars because all that matters is they finally delivered something that works for me at high enough dosages, no harshness, no gross taste. It's too bad i wasted 160 usd on those 8 bottles, but hey, none of the other companies refunded me for gross batches either. 5 stars for current service offered at present.

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