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So I found this vendor through this website and decided to give them a try. With the name Seduce juice, why not??? So I ordered 5 10ml bottles in max vg, since I only drip and have a slight pg allergy. When getting the package 3 days later, I was amazed by the aroma that was coming out of the envelope. So I decided to try snake venom first, since I have been searching high and low for a good peach juice and BAM!!! This was it! A very great tasting peach with a hint of coconut creme. It is freaking delicious!!! I was a bit leery about the coconut at first, but they did such a fantastic job blending the flavors that it has me hooked. I have tried several flavors and I don't like them all, but it's just because I favor the fruit flavors more than any other. Seduce juice keep up the good work and I would definitely recommend them to any vapee. I will be reviewing a few of their flavors as well to give you my opinion.

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