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I received my order of Spotlight Rainbow Nuggets by RiP Trippers in 3 mg/ml nicotine and 50/50 vg/pg from Vapordna.com yesterday and boy was I surprised by the flavor and taste of this product. The rig I used for this review was an iJust 2 unregulated mod and Uwell Crown with RBA deck. The coil was a vertical single 24ga 8 wrap @ 0.6 Ohms. Initial smell was very strong lemon and strawberry cream. I let this juice breathe for an hour after shaking which helped with the strong lemon aroma and brought forward a more refined creaminess. First vape was super smooth and the flavor is definitely in your grille. No throat hit was present. The inhale was sweet cream and citrus but the exhale rounds off the cereal experience with a punch of fruit flavors reminiscent of drinking the milk after eating a bowl of Fruit Loops. Although I enjoy the occasional cereal vape I prefer dessert type juices more so my bias swings that way. That being said, I can easily see this juice as an ADV for people who love cereal vapes.

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