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I placed orders with this vendor on July 8 and July 28; I still haven't received them. I've contacted the owner multiple times, and when he answers (sometimes he does, sometimes he doesn't), the blame is placed on his shipping /postage company (stamps.com). According to the owner, stamps.com can't process a shipment to an APO (overseas US military) address. Multiple other vendors have shipped to me without any problems or delays, many of them using stamps.com. At one point, the owner promised to take the orders to the Post Office and personally ship them out. Well, that never happened. He still hasn't shipped either of the two orders, and now we're closing in on the 90 day mark. I will never order from them again.

TL/DR: After almost 90 days, still no juice. Multiple promises from the owner go unfulfilled, different excuses as to why orders haven't shipped. Never buying from them again.

UPDATE 24 OCT 14: Still haven't received my orders. The owner won't reply to emails, FB messages or PM's sent to his Reddit account. Save yourself some time and flush your money down the toilet yourself instead of sending it to The Vapeothecary.

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