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Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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First let me say they make some awesome box mods with some really nice custom art on them. The owner was pretty nice and their prices were decent too other than the juice prices. It is a pretty small store and feels a bit cramped with a few people in there. When I went to taste test some juices they had them out in egos like most shops. I tried 3-4 of them but couldn't get more than a tiny hint of vapor out of them.

This part is not about a specific juice, it is about getting way more nic than I asked for so I don't believe it should go in the juice review portion. I got a juice from there and asked for 6mg nic, they even asked me to confirm that. I got home and tried it out and got a major headache from 2 puffs. I've dripped 18mg juices before and only got a minor head buzz. I have no idea what nic level was in that bottle but it was intense, over 18mg for sure. For this reason I would never go back here for juice, but again they do make some awesome box mods and have decent prices on some stuff.

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