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Northland Vapor had a black Friday sale featuring $10 for 120ml of juice. The sale was advertised on Reddit, which is where I found it. This is a newer company, only having an online shop for a week or two according to the sale post, so I thought I'd give them a shot. I ordered 120ml of Raspberry Crème Brulee.

The order process was really easy and shipping was super cheap at only $2.75. The package arrived in a timely manner. I received it one week from the date of purchase. I believe the packaging was a non-padded plastic type envelope with the juice wrapped in bubble-wrap. I don't recall 100% because I hadn't planned on writing a review. The bottle looked exactly as displayed on the site, which is nice and clean looking. The flavors were good, not overpowering, and not medicinal. I would say this is a really good juice. And considering the price, easily recommend to vapers out there looking for a budget ADV.

Northland's going rate for 120ml bottles is $20. However, they do something interesting in that becoming a member gets you $5 off each bottle. Membership is free as of this review. So with no codes or promotions, they are selling 120ml at $15. That's a heck of a deal! I did not have any issues, so I cannot comment on how prompt their customer service responds or how they handle errors and/or damages.

Overall I'm happy with the purchase and will likely try some of their other flavors. Their variety is minimal, but I hope to see it grow as time goes on. It's good to see they are focusing on more non-traditional flavors than your run-of-the-mill standards like Strawberry Milk.

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